22 December 2015


Gold: Gold prices closed with a gain of 1.21% yesterday. Momentum above 25420 levels will push prices higher towards 25525/25623 levels. Intraday outlook for the counter will stay positive until prices stay above 25200. A decisive break down below this support will push prices lower towards 25080 levels.
Silver: We expect Silver prices to test its immediate resistance between 34500—34600 zones. A daily close above 34600 will open upside targets of 35150/35390 levels in the counter. Intraday dips will find support until prices hold on above 33870 levels. A decisive break down below this level will push prices lower towards 33450/33300 levels.
Copper: Copper can move higher until prices sustain above 312 levels. Momentum above 318 will see prices advance towards 320.50/321.65 levels. Fresh selling can come in as prices approach higher levels. A daily close below 312 will see prices correct towards 306.50/305 levels.
Zinc: We reiterate that Zinc needs to sustain above 101.50 for prices to advance higher towards 102.40/103 levels. Sustenance below 99.75 will push prices lower towards 98.65/97.90 levels. Traders can look to go long if prices start to show momentum above 101.50 levels today.

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